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21 November 2010 @ 03:46 pm
3rd professional personal training session  
1. plank position as long as you can get flat on your stomach get on your tip toes and put all your weight on your forearms engage in your abs and bring them in tight stay in position as long as you can

1st time 30 seconds (that I did)
2nd time 43 seconds

2. lying flat on back and bending knees up, bringing up tummy to engage core and planting feet down while engaging in glutes and lower back, having a medicine ball in between legs...12 reps?

3. steps for 1 minutes

do the process over 1 more time, future 2 times.

4. went over to a http://www.latexbay.com/shop/images/2009651914148912.jpg pushup machine
at least 10 reps keeps feet pushing up, body in straight line

5. went over to tricep machine, engage in triceps try to push back with the back of your arms only and at same time bring forearms down...12 reps x 2

6. go over to leg press 12 reps at least...try not to lock knees at all go at steady pace

7. inbetween sets get on a step and place one leg on the step knee unlocked squatting down a little, planted down firmly while other leg kicks out to the side 12 reps, repeat on other leg

8. Hands straight out in front of you, kick towards hands 12 times each leg...

9. Go over to BOSU and lie back flat then engage in abdominals trying only to feel ribcage crunching down to lower abs not straining the neck, 15 times x 2 then lie back let arms back stretching

10. Pick up 10 lb weights and bring them up over head 10 times x 2